Shawls, Shawls, Shawls......

I have so many shawls on my needles, do you? 

I love to wear them all year long, even in the summer. 

This is my new summer shawl. It has 20% silk and drapes beautifully!  

(I am getting ready to dye more up soon!)

I love this pattern, it was just what I needed. 

You know when a pattern, your mood and the yarn all align...

I love that!  

Red Robin Shawl by Helen Stewart 
Willow Tree Yarn Classy Silk

Another shawl off of my needles is the Menehune

I used Amanda Makes Yarn in MCN High Twist Sock in Redbud. 

I love the vibrancy of the colorway and it is extremely soft and drapey!  

I pulled out my hooks again to make this wonderful Mondays at the Library shawl. 

The pattern is by MollyKleinDesign. 

I used Willow Tree Yarn Casual in Cottage Garden and Sea Breeze. 

This was such a fun shawl to make!  I think I need to wear it at the beach. 

Another crochet shawl needs to be on the go again very soon!  I might have just ordered some yarn for it. 

Do you have any shawls on the needles?  Have you finished any recently? 

I would love to hear more about them!  I am always on the lookout for a new pattern. 

Happy Creating, 


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