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Friday's Favorites {6/24}

  Follow Me on Bloglovin Happy Friday!  I hope you have had a great week!  Can I be honest for a minute?! It has been a pretty uphill challenge the past two months around here and I know I am not the only one. If you are going through it, I am thinking about you!  I am trying to take time every day to look for the good.  Small things, big things, and all the in between things. Here's a few things that made me smile this week.  A good cup of tea. This Yorshire Tea is like a lovely cup of tea and a very good biscuit all in one. I love taking a few moments in the afternoon to enjoy this.  I am also loving these botanical herbal infusions are so refreshing during these hot and humid months. I love that they are caffeine free and have the best flavor combinations.  Taking time to spend by the pool reading and relaxing. I love my new lounge chairs.  (Book: Hitting the Books by Jenn McKinlay  Yarn: West Yorkshire Spinners Vintage Tinsel) New yarn! I love getting happy mail. This shortie s

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