Here & Now {June}

Loving //That our pool is open, even if it isn't quite warm enough to swim. 

Eating //Fresh fruit and vegetables and loving it!  I am trying to be more intentional about eating what is in season. 

Drinking //Coffee...always coffee!  :)  

Feeling //Ready for those lazy days of summer. They are coming! Looking forward to spending time with friends, reading more books and lounging in my pool float.  

Making // Socks and dyeing yarn!  I am so glad my sock knitting motivation is back!  This is the Huggle Sock pattern by Mina of Knitting Expat Designs and the yarn is my Cottage Garden colorway. 

Thinking // About gardening and how to best use our space to produce more food. 

Dreaming //About more garden inspired yarn colorways!  This theme has been on my mind so much lately. 

What about you? What have you been loving, eating, drinking, feeling, making, thinking and dreaming? 
I would love to know!  

I am joining Sarah from Say! Little Hen for this link-up. 


  1. Thank you so much for joining in to the June Here & Now, Angela! The first image confused me for a moment until I realised you're's so cold here that last thing I can imagine is a swim!
    Your yarn is really lovely, I look forward to seeing you new colours x

  2. Good luck with the gardening Angela. It'll be nice to balance out with days lazing by the pool. We are instead rugging up over this side of the world and can only dream of warm days many months away for gardening to begin again.


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