Wednesday's Works in Progress {9/19}

Yay, it's Wednesday!  

I love talking about my works in progress. 

Okay, I will admit these are the projects I am working on this week. 

Anyone else have projects in bags that are waiting for some attention? 

I have made a promise to myself to go through them soon and if the project isn't bringing me joy, then it goes to the frog pond. Beautiful yarn wants to be used!  

When I saw these two yarns online, dyed by Tiny Human Knits, I knew they needed to be in an Autumn Hippie Shawl. The colorways are Woodsmoke and All Inclusive. They are amazing! 

The pattern is by Christy Houghton of Yarn Cafe Creations. Such a beautiful shawl, but it is also a super fun knit. You are changing colors and stitch patterns often and I LOVE it!!!My daughter dyed up the second color in my shawl. It is Cheshire Cat.

This is the other project I have been working on. It is my Say Anything cardigan. I am using my own hand-dyed yarn on my Fancy DK MCN base in the Atlantis colorway. It is so soft! I wish I had more knitting hours in the day because I really want to wear this.  

What wips have you been working on? Have you been reading or watching any new shows? 
I would love to know!! 

Happy Creating! 


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