Wednesday's Wonderings....

It is so nice to be back in this space. This summer has been very different. 

My older daughter has been very ill with complications from a jaw surgery that manifested into a 
life threatening infection. She is still recovering and in the hospital. We are so thankful to the wonderful surgeons and staff in Florida and Georgia, who have taken excellent care of her. We were able to stay with her through the critical time and for that I am grateful. We continue to message every day and her doctor is amazing and keeps me updated as well. It is so hard to live so far away.  

Knitting these socks helped me through the times of waiting and uncertainty. The rhythmic motion of the needles as I worked each stripe helped calm me. She has them with her and they keep her feet warm. 

I am slowly returning to my routines and rhythms at home and making time for friends and family. The conversations and time spent together mean so much to me!

How has your week been? I hope you have been enjoying your time and creating all the things you love!  


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