Here & Now {May}

Loving// I am loving all the sights, sounds and smells of spring. The woods behind my house has all filled in, the birds and bees have returned, all the trees and flowers are blooming. 

Eating// Lately I have been enjoying a scone or two with my coffee or tea. Such a wonderful treat. 

Drinking// Yummy David's teas. I have been trying new ones like Mango Fruit Punch, Blueberry Jam and Jasmine Creme Brulee. 

Feeling// A little tired. With all the lovely blooms comes the pollen. It is going to be a rainy week, so that makes me want to curl up on the couch, reading, watching movies, and working on some knitting & crochet projects. 

Making// I am working on my Riveret top, a test knit shawl and a baby sweater

Thinking// I have been thinking a lot about garment knitting and what  would go with my wardrobe. Anyone else thinking ahead to the projects they hope to make? 

Dreaming// About those lazy days of summer. I love that things slow down a little for us and we get to enjoy the outdoors. 

What is happening where you are? What are you loving, making, thinking and dreaming? 


  1. Oh yummy scones! I have to confess that I've become rather lazy in the scone department and got hooked on cheating with mix after moving to Australia (and then on to New Zealand). They're not quite a scrummy as homemade, but are rather delish and very convenient. Since the mix is just-add liquid, one (or more) can be baked fresh by the time I've made morning coffees. When my parents visited from Canada, Dad was so jealous of scone mix for fresh baked anytime scones. I still taunt him with morning scone pics from time to time. 😂

    1. Too funny about the morning scone pictures. I have only baked them once. I picked my lst ones up from a restaurant. I like convenience. :)

  2. Oh, I do feel like a scone now! I'd got and whip up a batch if it wasn't so close to tea time!
    Thank you for joining in Here & now again Angela, I really enjoyed your post x

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! I really enjoy reading all the Here & Now posts!


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