Monday's Musings

Hello!  Happy Monday!  

I usually dread Mondays. My energy level seems low and in need of a recharge. My list of things to get done seem to be longer than any other day of the week. Have you felt like this? Are you feeling like this now? 

Today, I have decided to look at Mondays differently! I am letting today set the tone for my week.  I am doing things like listening to some motivating podcasts to get myself moving forward. I am checking things off my list and adding things that are for me. Things like, drinking water (with lemon and lime slices...a bit fancy), a quick Pilates exercise, reading and knitting time. 

I find that when I do these little things for me, I am much more motivated, but also content than when I don't. 
Do you add some things you enjoy into your day? Do you need to? 
I would love to hear what inspires and interests you!  


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