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Loving // That there is more light every day!  I am feeling the anticipation of spring! 

Eating // Lots of eggs, our chickens seem to have increased production, we have had breakfast for dinner many nights. 

Drinking // I have been drinking more smoothies. I add some berries, mango, banana, peanut butter, almond milk and sprinkle on chia & flax seeds. Delicious! 

Feeling // Reflective...thinking quite a bit about leaving and living a legacy. 

Making //Socks...always a pair of socks or two on my needles, a Miss Marple scarf for my cousin and dyeing up new colorways. 

Thinking // I have been thinking about a garden...about what I would like to plant and how to maximize the space we have. 

Dreaming // I have been dreaming about all the sweaters and garments I would like to make this year. So many wonderful patterns! 


  1. Yum! I 'm quite a fan of a little dollop of peanut butter in my smoothies as well, and have been known to occasionally slip a little sprinkle of Milo (it's a malt chocolate children's drink powder, very popular here) in to take the edge of some of my tart plain yogurts. Not quite peanut butter and chocolate, but almost! It feels like a decadent treat without being too naughty. :)

    1. Milo sounds delicious. I have been needing a little sweetness to my smoothies.

  2. How lovely to have fresh eggs from your own chickens. I would love to have chickens at our place but I think that the pythons that live around here may really love them too!! Meg:)

    1. Yikes to the pythons! We have quite a few furry predators here! Yes, it is nice to have the fresh eggs and really nice when we can share with other families.

  3. Hi Angela!
    Thanks for joining in the February Here & Now. Sock knitting is heaps of fun! And dyeing yarn sounds lovely too :-)

    Sarah x


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