Monday's Makealongs {6/20}

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Happy Monday! 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

(This post contains Ravelry links)

I have been doing some thinking about all the makealongs that are going on. I want to participate in every one of them, but know I can't do that because my wip pile will grow exponentially. 

Here's a few I am hoping to enter. Are there any you will be joining? 

This is my first year participating in the Splash Pad Party 22. Have you participated in this makealong before? I am still learning what I need to do, but so glad there is a very detailed rule page to follow. 

I am making socks for Summer Sock Camp 2022, I have joined in the fun every year and look forward to it. So far, I have only made socks on magic loop. Last year I tried many different methods and had 5 finished pairs at the end. 

Another great one is the Books and Beanies MAL. It combines my two favorite things...making hats and reading books. This is the brim of my 103 Hat by Jennifer Lassonde. 

An upcoming knitalong  is the RadventinJulyKAL hosted by StephanieCKnits and Gypsy.Bird on Instagram. They will be making a Radvent Cardigan by Ambah O'Brien. I have been seriously considering using my July yarn swap, Merry Everything Happy Always, hosted by Between Knits and Purls. 

I have also been thinking I might use those minis for the new pattern by Lisa K. Ross, Confectionery  I do have an advent set coming from Greenlambkin Yarn, so I might wait and make this pattern then. My set is on a sparkle base and think it would add some shine during the winter months. 

So many great advent mini patterns available, have you made one? Do you have a favorite? 

ProfPurl on Instagram is hosting a More Souffle Please KAL. It runs from June 15th to August 15th. Seriously trying not to cast the Summer Souffle. I might be looking in my deep stash to see if I have enough yardage. 

I hope you are enjoying your making! 



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