Friday's Favorite Things {7/30}


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Happy Friday! 

I hope you are having a great day! 

Here's a peek into my life this week...

Taking some time to paint my nails and relax. I love Londontowne nail polish. The brush is wide and the polish lasts for days with a top coat. It also dries quickly, so I can get back to knitting. 

Speaking of knitting, I am enjoying at least 30 minutes of knitting most mornings. I feel less rushed on the days I take the time to do this. 

The garden is bringing me so much joy and also so much work lately. The squash bugs and weeds are giving me a fight this year. 

I have been trying to spend my lunch hour out by the pool. Sometimes I bring my book out a read a little and other times I just float for a bit. 

I have been doing a bit of all these things! I will have some happy mail to share with you soon! 

Do you spend some time making in the mornings? What is bringing you joy this week? 

Reading or watching anything interesting? 

Let's Chat, 


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