End of 2020 Update {01/04}

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In December, we spent a lot of time decorating for the season. Our motto was you can't have too many twinkle lights. 

I knit on my Advent socks and got them done in time for Christmas Eve. The yarn is by Kirby Wirby. 

I knit these shortie socks by the end of 2020. Yarn is by Havirland and it is in the So MD Sweater Weather colorway on her Yak base. I am in love with this colorway and base. 

I purchased a few new things (more to come in a later post). This was my new Christmas bag by Amy of Noble Character Crafts. Her fabric choices are amazing!

And we rang in the New Year at home! 

I hope you are having a wonderful start to this new year!!!!! 

Happy Creating, 


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