Wednesday's Unfinished Objects {11/18}...

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(Granny squares that need to be put together into a child size blanket)

It's that time of the year when I go through my projects and stash corner in my living room. Usually it is to remind myself that I don't need to buy any new yarn. It is so hard when there are so many beautiful holiday colorways. I also like to go through my project bags to see if I want to continue to make the item in them or send them to the frog pond. 

I found a few I would like to finish by the end of next year or they will have to be frogged. Hold me to it, okay. 

This is a Road to Rhinebeck MKAL by Knitting Expat Designs. It is knit in my hand-dyed Fancy DK base. It uses two skeins of each color. 

This is the Sweet Clover Shawl MKAL by Alicia Plummer. It is knit in some superwash worsted weight yarn I dyed up for it. 

think I am noticing a theme, I like to start MKAL, but not finish them. 

I love how this Dream Stripes by Berangere Cailliau is knitting up. I am using superwash 80/20 yarn I had deep in my early dyeing days stash. 

This is my second Cozy Shlanket by Knitting Expat Designs. It is knit in Cascade 220 Paints in Checkers (variegated) and some of my Cozy Worsted in Slate and Granite, which is a non superwash worsted. I really would like to finish this one for the winter. I love taking my other Shlanket to the movie theater and using it as a throw. I miss the days of going to the movies. 

There are many other UFOs in my my daughter's Flax Sweater and an Autumn Hippie Shawl by Christy Hougton I would like to frog and restart. But these are the ones I am going to concentrate on getting done in between all the things I cast on. 

Do you have any unfinished projects? 

Would you like to join me in getting them done? 

Let me know, I would love the company and we can cheer each other on!  

Let's Chat, 


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