Happy September {9/3}


How are you? Are you feeling a change in your daily rhythms? 

I am definitely feeling them. My younger two have started their fall semester of college, online at this time. The days are warm, but not as warm. The nights and mornings are cooler. It is time to close the pool and get the fire pit area ready. 

I am planning and preparing for fall seed planting. My garden is a jungle right now, but I hope to do some weeding and things in there this weekend. 

I am loving this little greenhouse for seed starting I got for my birthday. I have some broccoli, cauliflower, Swiss Chard and some microgreens growing. 

With the weather changing, I picked up my Guiding Light shawl. The pattern is by Crazy Sock Lady Designs. I am using a size 8 needle instead of a 7 that the pattern recommends. I am using an untreated merino DK base and I am loving the squish. I dyed the yarn for this project. I am calling the speckle one, First Orchard and the other Caramel Apple. Both colors scream autumn to me. 

The adorable dragonfly progress keeper is from Lach and Lou. 

Are you working on any new projects? 

I hope your September is off to a great start! 

Happy Creating, 


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