Wednesday's Wonderings {3/4}

Hello March!  

I am so glad you are here!  

There is signs of spring all around my yard and I am beyond thrilled to see it. 

Let's talk about works in progress this week. Here's a picture of my Cozy Sock Blanket #2. I love working on it every Sunday. I join in with Kay of The Crazy Sock Lady podcast for ScrappySunday. 

While I have many wips, I am going to share with you the ones I have been focusing on. 

My Rattan Shawl by Libby Jonson, that is being knit with a one of a kind colorway dyed by me in a merino nylon cashmere base. I cast this on Valentine's Day, so I am calling it my Valentine Shawl. 

My Corner to Corner Granny Stripe blanket using Caron Jumbo Prints in Country Basket Ombre. 

And my new cast on, Derecho by Alison Green. I am using Berroco Remix Light. I am hoping to finish at least one adult garment this year. I would love to add more sweaters, cardigans and tops to my wardrobe. 

Do you have many wips on the go or are you monogamous in your making? What have you been working on lately? I would love to hear all about what you have been up to. 

Happy Creating, 


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