Slow Moving Monday 4/2

I was hoping to be more motivated than I have been today! 
Anyone with me? 

The list of things I wanted to get done today was written last night. 
I guess I thought I would feel more rested today. I am okay with 
taking the day slow. 

Let's look at some lovely yarn! 
I finished these Derive Socks at the end of last week. This is pair #4 for the year!
The yarn is by Seventh Magpie Studios and is in the
Harold & the Purple Crayon colorway. I loved working with it!    

I am hoping to have 12 pairs completed by the end of the year. 
Anyone else participating in the Box o Sox KAL? 

It feels like it is time to get moving and get a few things done!
Are you taking things slow or ticking things off your list? 

I hope you are having a lovely start to this new week! 


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