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Wednesday's Wonderings {2/26}

Can I get real honest for a moment? 
February is hard for me. My Mom passed unexpectedly 8 years ago right before Christmas, but this is her birthday month. I miss her terribly. We talked all the time. But even before her passing this was a blah month for me. Some years it seems like the winter will never end. This year the weather has been mild here. But by February, I crave the sunshine and promise of spring. 

Now that the month is coming to an end. I have been making some changes to feel more hopeful. I am planning to plant lots of bulbs in the fall. Early blooming flowers like snowdrops, daffodils and crocus to name a few. I know that seeing them next year will bring me joy. 
 I have been periodically growing microgreens, they help me see that spring will be here soon. I have started some of my spring seeds and can't wait for them to sprout. 

I have been lighting candles for some coziness, working a few rows on my projects, reading and listening to some great podcasts. I also…

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